Services back online

Services are back online.  The fileserver in question is a ReadyNAS 102; Readynas’s have usually been very stable, if not particularly fast (I have hybrid ssd disks in this one to help with that).  I will be considering options…

Services restored

All services are back online, however I may have to do this reboot again tomorrow after I replace the other disk in the fileserver, if it does not properly replace it as it’s supposed to.

Services back online

Not sure what happened, it looks like vmware did something strange as the file server was actually ok. Of course it picks a time I’m out of town for the week, but things seem to be back up….

Fileserver down

The new fileserver that the vms are on has apparently crashed while I’m out of town for the week.  I have someone taking a look, but services may be down until mid-next week…

Agora back online

Agora is now running on the SSD based NAS and some directories re-arranged.  It should be stable itself, though I’m still working on moving services to new machines.