vmhost upgrade coming

The hard disks in the vmhost appear to have died, so the system is running out of ram only (the virtual machine host – agora and the other vms are on a file server, so are operating normally as long as the vmhost keeps running). As the current version of vmware won’t run on the system, I have a “new” system coming. I’ll install the latest vmware on it and then replace the current server with it, which will involve some downtime. I’m not sure when the new server will arrive, but the upgrade will probably happen in a couple of weeks…

Webmail back online

The fileserver upgrade did not happen, as the Dell did not see the new drive.  I did verify that it should not need a reboot to see a new drive though, so no downtime should be needed until I move the vm that are on this secondary fileserver to the primary (waiting for the new drives for the primary for that to occur).